Electro-Voice EVID-S10.1DB Subwoofer 2x10" cabinet black


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Two 10 inch high-excursion woofers
Carefully engineered for outdoor environments (IP54 and IP65), without compromising performance
400 W power handling provides for 120 dB maximum SPL (126 dB peak)
70/100 V transformer input panel accessory available
Crossover input panel accessory available
The EVID-S10.1D subwoofer, from Electro-Voice, is a compact, high-performance, dual 10" (254 mm) woofer loudspeaker with outstanding performance for the most demanding professional and commercial sound applications. Designed and engineered for use in background and foreground music, and sound reinforcement applications, the EVID-S10.1D is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications, such as restaurants, bars, patios, retail, fitness clubs, hospitality, theme parks, leisure venues, and others.

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49,600 MKD

Ease of installation, and flexible options for mounting solutions and weather resistance, the EVID-S10.1D is the perfect solution for a wide variety of surface mount applications.

The EVID-S10.1D has been carefully engineered to resist outdoor environments, without compromising on performance for indoor applications. The subwoofer is IP54 rated, and its weather-proofing is complemented with exceptional cabinet and grille resistance against sun, salt and moisture. For the toughest weather conditions, the IP rating of the EVIDS10.1D can be upgraded to IP65, using the included port plug accessory.

The wide range of EVID surface mount speakers has been designed to work together as a complete system in a variety of different surface mount constructions, and to be used in combination with other EVID ceiling and in-wall speakers.

Производител Електро-Воис
Серија Евид
Големина 10"
Вид Пасивни Звучници

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