Pearl P-3000C, Eliminator Demon Chain Drive Single Kick Pedal


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This Demon is one of the most adjustable pedals that has ever been made. First and foremost, you can convert the pedal between its shortboard (shown above) and longboard modes by flipping around the heel plate. In longboard mode the heel plate acts like an extension of the footboard, giving you an extra long footboard that enables all kinds of special foot techniques.
The list of adjustable parts continues! You can adjust the footboard height, the beater angle, the beater stroke, the spring tension, the beater height, and even the amount of footboard traction (by rotating the round traction plate), making this one of the most versatile pedals available. Want it to feel like a powerful rock pedal? Set the beater stroke adjustment to the power setting and hammer away! Or switch it to the finesse setting and get that quick, balanced vintage pedal feel.

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18,850 MKD

-Ultra-Lightweight Chain
-Perfect Circle cam
-NiNjA Bearings
-Duo-Deck Floorboard
-Beater Stroke Adjustment
-Footboard Height Adjustment
-Modular Post System
-Control Core Beaters
-Includes Deluxe Carry Case
-Model: P-3000C

Производител Перл
Серија 3000
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