Pearl Masterworks Heritage Recipe, 5-Piece Shell Set, Natural Black Limba

Masterworks Heritage

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- 20" x 16" Bass Drum
- 10" x 8" Tom Tom
- 12" x 9" Tom Tom
- 14" x 14" Floor Tom
- 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum 

Masterworks Custom Drums
Completely custom. Totally handmade.

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403,000 MKD

The dream destination for the Pro drummer that wants true control. Every element of the drum kit’s sound, look, and feel is player-selected from a limitless palette of custom options. Hand-crafted to heirloom perfection for the ultimate custom drum statement.

Heritage Recipe
Recalls a classic age in drum-making by balancing the power of Maple with the warmth of Mahogany for enhanced lows and fat top-end slap.

Produces thunderous sub-bass frequencies with exceptional sustain and subtle projection.

Pearl Masterworks Sonic Select Stadium Heritage Shell Composition 4 Ply, 2 Ply Maple outside and 2 Ply Mahogany inside with 4-ply Maple Reinforcement Rings – Responds like the rumble of a classic roadster; a classic combination of midrange projection and boosted low-end thunder.

Bearing Edge
Pearl Masterworks custom drums Sonic Select Stadium Heritage Bearing Edge 45 degree Standard 45° – Pearl’s traditional edge draws added projection and resonance in this darker-toned shell.

STL Swivel Lugs
Pearl Masterworks custom drums Sonic Select Stadium Heritage STL Swivel Lugs With less direct shell contact than any other Pearl lug, this little wonder features a pivoting brass tension casing that guarantees even tuning and reduced resistance to shell vibration. STL-100 / 200

Pearl Masterworks custom drums Sonic Select Stadium Heritage FatTone Hoops FatTone Hoops – Lighter in weight but never lacking in rigidity. Respond similarly to the original “stick-chopper” of the vintage era with added tuning stability. Excellent for drawing extended sustain.

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Серија Мастерворкс
Конструкција на Школка Јавор / Махагони
Големина Сетови со 20" Бас Тапан

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