Pearl MDT764P/C701, 4-Piece Shell Set, Black Gold Sparkle


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Big Gig. Small Rig. Huge Sound.

The vibe and pace of the city demands gear that can rise above the noise without getting in the way. At home on the street as well as on stage, Pearl Midtown, ultra-portable, compact drum kit is vital for the gigging drummer in the metropolitan groove.


16"x14" Bass Drum
10"x7" Tom
13"x12" Floor Tom
13"x5.5" Snare Drum

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33,000 MKD

SHELLS: 6 Ply (7.5mm) Poplar Shells
SNARE: Matching 13x5.5 Wood Snare Drum
FINISH: Choice of Two Covered Finishes
HEADS: Remo Clear Toms, Powerstroke Bass, Clear Coater Batter Front
TOM MOUNTS: OptiLoc Suspension System
HOOPS: 1.6mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops, Matching Wood Bass Drum Hoops

Производител Перл
Серија Мидтаун
Конструкција на Школка Топола
Големина Сетови со 16" Бас Тапан

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